Clearview School of Arts and Culture is quite a unique school. Our classes have routes in traditional arts and culture dating back thousands of years in some cases. We really feel that children today should not miss out on these precious traditions. Many of the subjects that we explore come from China's 5000 years of ancient and rich culture. We don't follow a textbook but rather have specialized teachers cater to the children in the class specifically, this opens the door to children from any background who would like to learn about Chinese culture through actual experience.

We also touch upon the gems from various cultures from around the world so that the children can grow to be knowledgeable about various arts and different people.

At Clearview we really emphasize hands on experience. The children will have the opportunity to try on a traditional lion dance costume, make dumplings with their own hands and explore an array of crafts and art.

Clearview is a place where your child can be free from the busyness of day to day life, calm their minds and use their own hands and minds to explore and create.

We have teachers from various backgrounds and life experiences ready to enrich your child's life through art and culture!

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